If in your world, ice cream is its own major food group with a daily RDA of at least one scoop, be sure to go out of your way to indulge at these fantastic East Valley dessert destinations in the next month.  A visit to any of these unique, locally owned restaurants is a great way to celebrate an A on a test, a job promotion, no cavities at the dentist, or surviving a haboob.

Gilbert: Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream (NW corner of Cooper and Warner)
50% magic show, 50% science project, 100% delicious. Pick your flavors and toppings, which will be mixed with cream in a stainless steel bowl, then cryogenically flash frozen before your eyes in a dramatic cloud of liquid nitrogen vapor. The finished product is extra creamy and less grainy than standard ice cream due to smaller ice crystals. This one’s a big hit with kids!

Scottsdale: Sugar Bowl (SE corner of Scottsdale Road and First Avenue)
Locally owned and operated since 1958, the iconic pink Sugar Bowl in downtown Scottsdale is a relatively large sit-down restaurant, but clearly, the focus is on dessert! The four-page menu has one page of sandwiches and salads and three pages of dessert options–a proper ratio for sure! Choose from malts, sundaes, floats, brownies, cakes, and sweet breads. Since the last Arizona Swensen’s** restaurant closed several years ago, the Sugar Bowl will scratch that nostalgic itch for the good old days of trips to that longtime dessert chain.

Chandler: Ice Cream Sammies (SW Corner of Boston and Oregon, Downtown Chandler)
Two soccer moms opened Ice Cream Sammies in 2016 with the clever idea of letting patrons design their own sandwiches from 24 available ice cream flavors and 8 cookie flavors. Math students: how many different possible sandwiches can be made, assuming the two cookie layers don’t have to match? First person to answer correctly on our United Brokers Group Facebook page will win a $10 Cold
Stone gift card! Sammies offers traditional sundaes and shakes for purist cookie haters, but you’re missing out if you don’t make your own signature concoction here and eat every last bit. Yummo!

Tempe:  Crepe Bar (NW corner of Elliot and Rural)
Ok, so this one’s not an ice cream restaurant, but a sweet custard crepe is just something everyone needs to experience.  Eventually, you’ll make it to the savory dishes here, but we recommend starting with a vanilla bean-strawberry-salted caramel crepe, with custard on the side.  Go early in the day as they close at 2pm.  Perfect for a solo or group brunch in a relaxed coffeehouse atmosphere.


Mesa:  Dolce Vita Gelato Shop (SE corner Higley and Brown)
Authentic gelato made by 1st Generation Italian-Americans Walter and Marti Bergamaschi.  Go hungry, be sure to have dessert first, and if you have any room leftover enjoy one of their fabulous sandwiches.  Doce Vita’s gelato is beautiful to look at, tastes as great as it looks, and has less fat and air than traditional American ice cream.  Implications?  You need to eat more of it to compensate!


**Bonus Trivia Question:  Which Goonies character eats Swensen’s Ice Cream?

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