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July Mid-Month Market Update

UBG July Mid-Month Market Update: In the current, greater Phoenix residential real estate market, we have seen a slight increase in available homes due to our normal seasonal decrease in buyers.

July Market Update

Phoenix real estate market update July 2018. Continuing moderation in rising home prices, and slowly rising interest rates, which will continue to squeeze rising home prices (slow, but not stop).

Are We In a Bubble?

The other day I was approached by a client/friend with a question about the current Real Estate market. Friend: You said there is an inventory shortage, right?   Me: Yes   Friend:  Prices have gone up a lot over the past 2 years?   Me:  Yes, maybe ~20% across greater...

June Market Update

Phoenix Real Estate Market Update: June 2018
It is still a seller’s market with some positive indications towards the future.

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