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New to Real Estate?  Discover Professional Launch at United Brokers Group!

Professional Launch is a comprehensive program to help you jump start your career in real estate.  This program pairs you with an experienced agent to serve as your mentor and guide through the program and your first 6 transactions plus offers a class schedule covering a wide range of relevant topics to give you a foundation for conducting business.  In addition, you will receive a manual of best practices, tools and tips with practical modules and step-by-step guides to working with Buyers and Sellers.

If you’re ready to launch your career in real estate and build confidence in working with buyers and sellers, contact United Brokers Group today—don’t wait!

  • Pairs you with an experienced agent to serve as your mentor through the program and your initial transactions.
  • Is built around a curriculum covering a range of relevant topics to help you grow your business.
  • Provides a framework of best practices, tools, and tips including a guide for working with Buyers and Sellers.

UBG Mentors

Mary Ann Shryack

Mary Ann Shryack

Associate Broker/REALTOR®, MBA, UBG Mentor

Licensed since 2002, Mary Ann is a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), a Graduate of the REALTOR® Institute (GRI) and has a heart for teaching new agents.

Brandy Drew

Brandy Drew

UBG Mentor

Brandy is an Associate Broker with UBG. She has 10 years experience representing buyers and sellers. Her passion for education carries over from her former career as a teacher.

Dean Carver

Dean Carver

UBG Mentor

Been a realtor since 2000
Over $100 million in sales
Over 500 homes sold
Founding Partner of UBG
Lisa Waters

Lisa Waters

UBG Mentor

We believe through collaboration, education, and determination that being a real estate professional is a long term, personally rewarding and profitable career.

“M3”- Monday Morning Momentum provides UBG agents an opportunity to start their week in a mindset of high energy and productivity. This action group focuses on a single method of lead generation each week. As agents work on lead generation valuable conversations inevitably arise and enrich the experience. M3 is one of many opportunities for UBG agents to collaborate and and grow together.

  • Monday Morning Lead Generation Workshop
  • Mix of Focused & Effective Strategies
  • Hour of Action to Grow Your Business

“Our mission is to enable real estate professionals to thrive in an industry of sole proprietors.”

Team Ignite is a unique accountability program. UBG takes the lead in pairing agents that have similar goals, availability, and desire to be accountable. The partners are then not only accountable to each other, but also to UBG with weekly check-ins and tracking. Our accountability partners create Team Ignite- a group of agents focused on growing not only their own business, but fostering the growth of those around them. In true UBG fashion Team Ignite offers sole proprietors an opportunity get connected and thrive.

  • Progress through partnership
  • Foster consistency to grow your business
  • Motivation through production tracking & weekly check-ins

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