October is the magical month in Arizona where summer releases its grip, utility bills come down, and the outdoors become an endless, delightful recreation room. We are so fortunate to have mild weather and plenty of sunshine for the majority of the year, and a beautiful, well-planned city explore! Expand your horizons and take advantage–on a bicycle! Renting one is easier than ever, especially near the cycling epicenter at Tempe Town Lake, or head out on your own wheels from home. It’s simple to toss a bike on the light rail, opening up even more options to go, see, do!  Plan a solo trip, take the family, or grab some friends for a picnic destination.

Wherever you live or work in the valley, chances are you’re within a few minutes of SRP’s extensive web of canals, with banks perfectly groomed for biking. Be careful of traffic, wear a helmet, and always watch children and pets around water. The sun’s position in the sky will affect what you can see and who can see you, so use extra caution around dawn or dusk. The maps linked in the margin will help you find a starting point and plot a loop or out-in round trip. Head out and you’ll discover a fascinating new world of critters, plants, artwork, funky buildings and backyards, shops, parks, construction sites, sounds, smells, and fellow bikers that you’d never notice from a car.

If you’re wanting to minimize stops for traffic, the Scottsdale Bike Path running north and south along the Indian Bend Wash has lovely meandering paths with underground tunnels at most major intersections. And if hills are your cup of tea there are plenty of trails throughout the gorgeous mountains surrounding Phoenix. You’ll just need a special bike for the terrain. Go for a few minutes or several hours, cover a few or dozens of miles. Consider biking to work or on errands instead of driving. It’s liberating, eco-friendly, fabulous exercise, and tons of fun. Ready, set, go!

2 Wheel Friendly Links
Valley Bike Trail Map
Valley Canal History
Valley Bike Trails

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