We are back with this year’s edition of Back to School: Around the Valley for 2018-2019!

As per usual there are various districts staggering their first days for students over the next couple of weeks. Whether this is more exciting for parents or students is still up for debate.

To ensure a great start to the school year, here are ten tips for creating a routine and environment where your student will thrive and fall in love with learning.

2018 East Valley Back to School Dates by District

Chandler:  Monday 7/23

Gilbert:  Thursday 8/2

Higley:  Monday 7/23

Kyrene:  Thursday 8/2

Maricopa:  Monday 7/23

Mesa:  Wednesday 8/8

Queen Creek:  Tuesday 7/24

Tempe:  Monday 8/6

Back to School Tips

1. Wake up at the same time every day.

2. Eat a balanced breakfast that won’t cause a morning sugar crash.

3. Pack a healthy snack and/or lunch.

4. Launch your kiddo(s) with an encouraging and loving farewell each morning.

5. Make chores and homework a routine right after school, before play time.

6. Put phone and tablets away and eat dinner together. Talk about your days and actively listen to each other.

7. Take a 30-minute walk after the sun goes down.

8. Have a family “salon time” where you all read independently or together each night to relax before bedtime, in the same room.

9. Set out the next day’s outfit each night before going to sleep, including matching shoes and socks, to avoid the stressful out-the-door scramble the next morning.

10. Get to bed on time, avoid leaving phones/tablets/computers charging in the child’s room.

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