Hello! I’m Tucker Swann, a native of the Valley and an Arizona lover through and through. I have made this desert paradise my home and I would love to help you make it your home too!

Growing up I played baseball all over town, from Gilbert to Goodyear. Throughout those years I learned the value of having a strong work ethic, persevering in the face of doubt, and striving to achieve both team-centered and personal goals. Baseball taught me that practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. I believe that working hard in every season and making sure to take the right approach every time is what will make us successful.

I am also a people-person to the core. There’s nothing I love more than getting to know someone over a cup of coffee or lunch and developing a genuine relationship. I spent a couple years slingin’ coffee at your local Starbucks, and while I loved all facets of that job, far and away my favorite part was getting to know my customers. I developed some real friendships, however I still felt like the counter that separated us was a barrier I wanted to break down. So I got into real estate!

The combination of my passion for achievement and my love for human connection is what will make us such a great team! And whether you’re buying or selling, I’ve got the will and the skill to get the job done.

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