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“I love what I do!”

Home. Beyond the cliche of it being where the “heart” is and a roof over your head, it’s probably your largest and costliest investment, certainly the most important, because it is where you LIVE. It is where you bring your family and friends to share a meal and celebrate the little things in life, it is where you laugh and cry, mourn and rejoice. You can be yourself there. The feeling of sleeping in your own bed, in your own home awaits you when you return from a vacation. Your home. Yeah, I am addicted to home and getting you there.

One of my favorite parts of my job is walking into houses and listening to buyers excitedly talk about their plans for their home, like “This is where the Christmas tree is going to go.” When listing a residence, people share personal stories and memories with me as to why they bought this particular home, why they loved living there, both the tragedies overcome and celebrations in life, and then their plans for their new place.

I loved the hunt for our home so much I decided to make it my profession. After 17 years in the restaurant business, I decided that I had served enough coffee and steak and it was time to provide excellent customer service in an area that benefits people more than food and beverage; your home.

I serve the entire Phoenix Metropolitan area, Arizona City to Cave Creek, Avondale to AJ! A lot of agents in my office ask why I’m willing to go so far. The answer is simple: YOU live there. I will serve you where you are and where you need to go. Now let’s start calibrating your next move.

Talk to you soon,


My Team

Crystal Ingstrum

Crystal Ingstrum

Transaction Coordinator & REALTOR®

Crystal is a licensed REALTOR® and transaction coordinator with over 15 years of experience in real estate and transaction management. She has a pristine reputation for making sure all RE transactions run smoothly for agents and clients alike.
Andrea Phelps

Andrea Phelps

Transaction Coordinator & REALTOR®

Andrea is a licensed REALTOR® and has been in real estate for over a decade with experience working with high producing teams. She provides escrow, listing and transaction services and dedicated to getting it right the first time.

Client Reviews

“Chris is an incredible person and friend and it is an honor to call him our friend and to have his help.”

Chris helped us purchase our first house around 2 years ago. Little did we know that we would be his third sale as a realtor. His professionalism, dedication, and knowledge of the industry and area we were looking indefinitely gave no hints of him being a rookie. He and his team went above and beyond to ensure we stayed within our budget and got the best home for the value. For being first time home buyers as well, he helped us understand the lingo of real estate and was more than patient and willing to help us learn and understand the investment we were about to make. Chris and his team were so patient and diligent in helping us. We have recommended him so highly to family, friends, and acquaintances that we would not think twice about someone else representing the people we love. Chris is an incredible person and friend and it is an honor to call him our friend and to have his help.

Rating: ★★★★★

Michael Scozzaro

First Time Home Buyer

“He is an outgoing, honest, loyal and knowledgeable REALTOR®.”

CHRISREECE is hands down the best! After interviewing several other realtors, who basically told us we could only walk away from our house with nothing in our pockets, we almost reconsidered listing our house, until we decided to interview one last guy.
Within moments of meeting Chris, I knew this was the guy I wanted to sell our house. He is an outgoing, honest, loyal and knowledgeable realtor. He brings a personal touch and a positive attitude to the table and we couldn’t help but feel secure having a professional like Chris on the job.
Rating: ★★★★★
Keith Blair

First Time Home Buyer

“We recommend Chris to everyone. He is honest, hardworking and knows how to get the job done!”

Chris was such a pleasure to work with. He helped us tremendously with the listing, staging, and sale of our property. We moved out of state and Chris was more than happy to help us tie up lose ends while we were out of state. He picked up mail for us and took care of things around the house. We couldn’t have been any happier with how everything worked out. We recommend Chris to everyone. He is honest, hardworking and knows how to get the job done!

Rating: ★★★★★ Ryan and Vanessa

Happy Selllers

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